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Warzone 2100 is a real-time strategy game in a post-apocalyptic setting that was developed by Pumpkin Studios in 1999. It was one of the first real-time strategy games in 3D, and is now the first commercial RTS that was made available under the GPL (in December 2004).

Warzone 2100 has 400 different typs of technologies allow you to design more than 2000 battle units. The game features a full 3D game engine with a rotatable and zoomable camera.

Go head to head against the AI or battle online with other players. There are hundreds of custom maps to choose from so you will never get tired of playing this great Real Time Strategy game

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Warzone 2100 Mission Guide <== Good Stuff

Warzone 2100 Patches
3.98 mb
Use this version to play online
35.5 kb
lets you play missions without inserting CD
1.9 mb
Released by Pumpkin-2
276 kb
Last vrrsion released by Pumpkin-2
284 kb
revised 1.12
Warzone 2100 Game Files
2.2 mb
Use this program to create custom maps.
2.85 mb
Use this program to create new missions.
1.64 mb
Full research tree
Selection of fun maps to download
Give you full game minus movies
Full game with shadows and mega zoom.
Complete single player mission guide
3.35 MB
Just about every mod made for Wazone in one zip file
Things you need to know before entering the warzone.
Use the plus and minus keys to zoom in or out.
Use the numbers on your number keypad to rotate the cam around.
Press B key (base) to return to default view.
Press enter on num keypad to allie with team mates, Click on the open hand to join their team.
Select a unit and press the space bar and the cam will follow that unit.
Press the T key to talk.
Press enter on the num keypad and toggle the phone icon for team chat only.
Press enter on the num keypad to transfer, power,tech or sensor to you team mates.
You do not need the CD to play online.
Build Order

This build order is mainly for mega oil maps if you are going to play a stock or low oil map you will have to scale it back a bit.

Use your first four trucks to build five factory's.
Design bug hover trucks and have each factory build 3 trucks.
Send your first four hover trucks to build one row of oil each using the shift key to queue building.
By this time you should have fifteen trucks (max allowed) Select a group of them and build eight power factory's
Your trucks should be finished with the oil select these trucks and upgrade the first four power factory's.
Now upgrade each of you factory's and start producing heavy cannon hover when they completed
At this time the trucks building the power factory are done have then upgrade the last four built.
Finally build your research modules and upgrade them.
With practice you can complete a base in around four and a half minutes.

Several sites have good information on Warzone:

The NF Clan site has a lot of information including how to increase game resolution higher than 800x600 Link
True Blue's site includes tips and tricks with step by step instructions on how to do the factory build trick. Link
Coyotes Document project contains everything you ever wanted to know about Warzone Link
Custom Maps for Warzone 2100
In order to use custom maps you need to put the wdg file into your warzone directory.
mycomputer/C/program files/Pumpkin Studios/Warzone 2100
Ready to play! Download the original Warzone 2100 CD 1 here


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