The battlefield Tea Bag award is a dishonor given to scum bags that cheat, hack, exploit, whine or any other way ruin the game of Battlefield. Listed here are some of the biggest twats to ever play Battlefield. These bozo's have gone out of their way ruin the game. From stat padding to whimpering and whining these players are the worst of the worst. "My grandmother could do better"

Tea bagging (also called corpse humping), is a popular method to humiliate one's opponent after a kill. World Force clan has perfected the art of Tea bagging. Many of you may have experienced this while playing against WF. After you have been killed you can still see the battlefield from your death cam for about ten seconds. During this brief period of after life a WF member will pump his azz up and down on your dead face to remind you of your place in life. We give respect to most players but when it come to hackers and douchebag we gladly give you the Tea-Bag.

.: T-Bag Award Winners

skullzildjian - Skull joined the WF clan with one hand in friendship the other in our back pockets. Skull along with his bun buddies from Deadzone Servers had no clue how to run a server, and came to World Force looking for guidance. WF set up their server and got it top ranked. Skull then bailed out in a rant, with boy toys in hand. These low life's continue to copy WF, but at least they are gone. Deadka7's favorite place is sitting on skulls lap sucking his man boobs and ran after daddy to join the DeadZone AKA Skull Clan. Skull is just another Battlefield douchebag and gets a Tea Bag Award from World Force.

[ac]Capt_Trippz - Trippz gives new meaning to the term "Grumpy Old Man". The slightest little thing sends this old geezer off on a cussing rant. In game he is the first one to leave if he gets killed more than one time. His BF2 rank is more important than team play with his clan mates. Word has it Trippz is a heavy user of Viagra which explains his bald head and quick temper. Once a WF clan member, Trippz is now senior member of an 18 and under clan where he can have his pick of boy toys

FEC Carp Tarts
FEC Carp Tarts Also know as Carp Farts. This stat-padding piece of crap only reason for playing is to pad his point score. To hell with team play and winning the round. Any form of cheat or hack he can get his grubby hands on he will use in his never ending quest for points. This turd can find you anywhere on the map. Get a life ! Farts is a member of the FEC clan also know as the Fecal Matter Clan. WF proudly presents this little turd with the Tea-Bag award.

[DS] Dopefocus
[ DS] Dopefocus. This is what happens what you smoke too much dope. Loud and dumb as they come Dope is on every clans shit list. Known to hack and exploit this looser will team kill you for a vehicle or plane. Expect at least one kick vote for Dope every game you see him. Hated by all he has turned transvestite to try and make some friends. Member of the [DS] clan also known as Dumb Shit clan.

Kid-With-The-Big-Gun. Yes this is an actual picture of the kid. Poor little monster has nothing to do but play Battlefield 2 all day. This kid has all the hacks and then some. No place on the map are you safe from the little rug rat. Clan unknown but rumor has it he is the son of a Dopefocus. Also called Kid-With-The-Little-Gun he is sure to entertain you with his constant bunny hopping.

Perfunctory. Another low life that spends 24 hours a day playing Battlefield 2. Unable to leave the house due to the constant stares and insults Perfunctory stays at home to search the internet for hacks and cheats. In game this guy is the bunny hopping king bouncing everywhere he goes in a lame attempt not to get shot. This dick head has received the " Group T-Bag " on several occasions form the WF Clan.

Nismo350Z. A closely guarded secret but Nismo is actually Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. During the day he is a mild mannered dictator and at night the scourge of Battlefield 2. Nismo says he is only using hacks for peaceful purposes and poses no threat to anyone.